• Occupational Safety

  • Environment Protection

  • Occupational medicine

  • Fire Protection

  • Revision of technical

We are one of the largest companies in this field of services

2 500+


We put emphasis on long-term cooperation; we have been in touch with most clients for many years and now even for decades.

30 mil. 


We guarantee insurance for damage of CZK 30,000,000 and we have a unique insurance for possible fines of state supervision in the amount of CZK 1,000,000



Over the years, we have built a unique expert team in the Czech Republic with more than 100 of our own core employees.

15 000+

workplaces in the
CZ and SK

We operate throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, combining a uniform quality standard with a regional approach. Our technicians are in all regions, in case of a problem they will arrive at the place in the shortest possible time.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

100 000+

and other

We train on site with a lecturer and through e-learning, we offer standard courses and courses tailored to your needs.

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For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ


For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ

Transport & Warehousing

For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ

Medical Institutions

For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ


For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ

Building Construction

For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ

Telecommunications & IT

For all companies, from the smallest admins to large industrial enterprises in the CZ

Manufacturing Companies


We provide complete professional outsourcing of occupational safety and health according to the requirements of legislation, including a legal guarantee with an emphasis put on minimizing incidents in occupational safety and health. We also provide ISO 14001, 45001.



We provide complete professional outsourcing of fire protection according to the requirements of legislation, including legal guarantees, including special documentation, negotiations with authorities, fire brigades, etc.



Environmental protection (EP) includes the arrangement of several broad areas from air or water protection to waste. The measures taken should prevent potential risks and lead to a responsible approach when using natural resources.



Complex systems CIVOP System® allows to solve revisions and checks of technical equipment incl. training of operators according to the requirements of clients in all the main areas such as: lifting, pressure, gas, electricity, flue gas routes or material means of fire protection.


and tests

Technical equipment incl. operators training

CIVOP occupational health services system:

  • Comprehensive solution of the PLS agenda through the CALL-CENTRUM CIVOP
  • Implementation of the initial, periodic, extraordinary examination of the doctor
  • Generation of requests for inspections directly in the application
  • Email notification before medical exam expires
  • All data in one place with online access


The comprehensive system enables electronic management, registration, monitoring and ordering of preventive medical services, inspections and any training according to the client's needs. Services are provided through the CALL centre CIVOP using a web application for tens of thousands of employees per year.

OHS registration
system for

Information system developed especially for managerial management of occupational health and safety, fire safety, environmental protection and revision.

  • in the form of a unique web application
  • it effectively saves managers´ time
  • it enables an overview over all and any implemented and planned activities at all customer premises (workplace inspections, records of defects, training, documentation, inspections/revisions, etc.)
  • responsive displaying with optimization for mobile phones and tablets incl. applications on Android and Apple store
  • Modular solution with the addition of modules, e.g. training registration system, preventive medical services, Revisions, Audits, el. book of injuries, nearly-accidents, etc.


E-learning training:

  • Online training via a web application or in the form of a SCORM module
  • System of automatic calls for terms of employee training and reporting to managers
  • Client part with the possibility of editing the list of trained persons and controlling the status of e-learning trainings
  • Possibility to set up the receipt of data on arrivals from the customer with a built-in training matrix and automatic prompts
  • Basic health and safety and fire protection training and the possibility of creating new modules


Training in the form of CIVOP Lecturers:

  • Ensures legislative obligations and helps to develop employees' skills in the field of health and safety, fire safety and the environment
  • Provides special duties for training technical equipment and operators Electrical, Gas, Pressure, Lift, training VZV, crane operators (basic / repeated), etc.
  • In combination with the registration system, it ensures comprehensive registration of all trainings, training matrix settings and automatic calls
  • Extensive know-how of CIVOP specialists will enable special training according to requirements

with a lecturer

The performance of activities of the health and safety coordinator on the construction site during the preparation and implementation of the construction is based on the conditions of the law and the needs of the customer.




We provide services for more than 2 200 clients for more than 15 000 sites in the CR and SR.

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